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    Hey #iQOO fans! A happy community is what we, as a brand, look forward to! Since the community has gone live for all, iQOO lovers have joined from all around the country, and we are now 10K+ strong! In order to get to know all our new members better,
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    16hrs ago
    The performance BEAST is here🔥🔥✨ Phenomenal Antutu score
    The iQOO 11 launch in India is right around the corner now (here) and it is once again time to level up the performance. The iQOO 11 comes with an astonishing 6.78-inch, FHD+ AMOLED screen with a smooth 144Hz refresh rate and support for HDR10+ for i
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    13hrs ago
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    Wall of Stardom
    Congratulations to the winner of the 1st #MondayMania challenge
    Hey #iQOO fans! It's confession timeeee! Its official, our community members of iQOO Connect have a great sense of humour Remember we had asked you all to share that monday feeling but in a meme? Some of them really had us rolling but we now have a w
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    14hrs ago
    📢 iQOO Service Days Are Back!👍😍
    Hey #iQOO Fans! iQOO Service Days are back 👍 meaning everything else can be put on hold! It's a recurring event every 2nd Saturday and Sunday, of every month.During the weekend of December 10th and 11th, you can take advantage of exclusive free off
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    18hrs ago
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    BREAKING NOW | #CommunityFirst | iQOO 11 India launch date
    Hey #iQOO fans! iQOO Global announced the international debut of its iQOO 11 flagship smartphone, and we are sure that all our iQOO fans here are keeping track of all the online news. iQOO 11 delivers a next-level gaming experience powered by a top-o
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    1day ago
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    Off-topic Lobby
    The Knockout begins! Who are you rooting for?
    Hey #iQOO fans! FIFA world cup 2022 has been nothing short of a rollercoaster with loads of excitement and jussttt a tad bit of disappointment for some. A few underdogs took everyone by surprise in this World Cup but we all know, only the best teams
    Cast your votes below:
    Croatia vs Brazil
    Netherlands vs Argentina
    Morocco vs Portugal
    England vs France
    Single choice . Deadline: 2022-12-16 00:00:59
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    Parakram Hazarika
    Growing together ❤️
    Hey iQOO fam, On behalf of the iQOO team, I'm happy to announce that our iQOO Connect family is now 10,000+ fans strong 🙏 A special mention to our founding members who have been with us from Day 1 of our community journey. Shoutout to our first batc
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    2days ago
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    Inside iQOO and BMW M Motorsport's quest for a breakthrough performance
    Hey #iQOO fans! Today our iQOO global team had some major announcements and we wanted to be the first one to share it with our iQOO Connect family.First and foremost, iQOO is planning a major expansion into the South East Asian market with one of the
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    2days ago
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    Software Updates
    Music Player UI Enhancement (Lockscreen)
    Hey iQOO fans, Today our product team highlighted a new update received on our iQOO devices and we had to share this with you.The new update received has modified the Look of the Lockscreen display for Music Players/ Apps (YouTube Premium, Spotify, J
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    2days ago
    My iQOO Wallpaper suggestion
    I use Editing App like Snapseed, PicsArt, IG Filter & Google Poto in Mobile
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    11-16 22:45