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    Together We Thrive: 🎉Celebrating 🔟 MONTHS of Support and Unity #iQOO Connect!
    Friday..March 31st 23'..Hey iQOO Family!You know what is the speciality✨ of today? Today our iQOO Community have successfully Completed 10 months..Yeaaah🎊🥳.We had started this journey on 31st May 2022 with 500 beta founding members.Now in just 10 m
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    #YourPollPal | Your preferred way of unlocking the smartphone
    Hey iQOO fans, Unlocking our smartphones has come a long way since the days of pressing the * key for a few seconds. With advancements in technology, there are now multiple ways to unlock our phones, ensuring security and privacy. From the traditiona
    How do you prefer to unlock your phone?
    Fingerprint Scanner
    Facial Recognition
    Pattern Unlock
    Other (please specify)
    Single choice . Deadline: 2023-04-28 00:00:59
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    Which IQOO Phone do you use currently, and are you planning to upgrade it ?
    Hi Family, As we are getting bigger as the days pass on, let's share which of the iQOO phone series do you use currently or planning to buy in the future and how is your experience.Please do comment and let's see what everyone has to say and share..
    Choose your IQOO series
    Neo Series
    iQOO 11
    Z Series
    9 Series
    7 Series
    3 Series
    Single choice . Deadline: 2023-04-30 09:11:59
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    #YourPollPal | How many times do you charge your smartphone
    Hi iQOO users today I am conducting a poll on Charging a smartphone. I would like to know how many times do you charge your smartphone in day.#HappyQuesting
    How many times do you charge your smartphone in day?
    Once a day
    Twice a day
    Thrice a day
    Single choice . Deadline: 2023-04-29 10:28:59
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    iQOO Z series
    Virtual user feedback session | brand-new iQOO Z7 owners📱
    Hey iQOO fans, Inviting owners of the brand-new iQOO Z7 to attend an exclusive virtual user feedback session with iQOO India's Product Team.We're thrilled to announce that the iQOO India Product Team will be hosting an exclusive virtual feedback sess
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    Different ways to connect with iQOO India Team.
    Hey iQOO Fans,Hope you all doing good. Many of you already know several ways to contact or to get connect with the iQOO India team for your Queries/ Feedback / Suggestions Etc...with this thread I am briefing some ways to contact iQOO Team.1] Online
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    Parakram Hazarika iQOO team
    Calling all active iQOO Connect members! Time to recruit more moderators 🙌
    Hey iQOO fans, I'm simply blown away by the quality of content that you guys have been posting, from informative articles about the latest tech trends to exciting updates from the world of smartphones.Interestingly, I have noticed that you all love t
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    #MondayMania | How many iQOO smartphones can you spot?
    Hey iQOO fans! Regardless of their age, people love playing some short, interesting games when given a chance. When there's a prize to be won, the game becomes even more exciting, right? That's what we thought too! To keep up with the excitement and
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    #YourPollPal | Minimum Battery capacity you'd like to have in a smartphone 🔋
    Hey iQOO Fans,Hope you all doing good. Battery 🔋 is one of the major Component / Feature in any Smartphone, Many Research and development is happening in a battery segments in day by day.Battery Capacity in a smartphone phone depends on many factors
    Minimum battery capacity required in any segment smartphone
    4000 mah
    4300 mah
    4500 mah
    4700 mah
    5000 mah
    6000 mah
    Single choice . Deadline: 2023-09-02 17:17:59
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    03-24 16:25
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    iQOO Neo Series
    #FridayFlashback | iQOO Neo 7 Sneak Peek session in Mumbai
    Hey iQOO fans! Remember when we conducted an iQOO Neo 7 Sneak Peek session in Mumbai? Well, the session was insanely ah-mazinggggg! That made us wanna share a glimpse of the same with you to show how all our attendees had a blast. They didn't just la
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