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iQOO Community Privacy Terms

Last updated: July 25, 2023

iQOO (hereinafter referred to as "we", or "us"), is the provider of iQOO Community (the "Service") and the organization responsible for the personal data processed with respect to the Service. We care about your privacy and think it is important that you know why and how we process your personal data. In these iQOO Community Privacy Terms (the "Terms"), we therefore cover the following content:

1. Collection and Processing: what data we will collect and how we use it;

2. Storage: how we will store your data;

3. Sharing and Transfer: how we share or transfer your data;

4. Your Rights: your rights and options with respect to your data;

5. Contact Us: how you can contact us with any further questions.

Please read these Terms carefully and make sure that you have understood our practices regarding your personal data before you consent and start using the Service.

You are not obliged to consent to the processing of your data with respect to the Service, but please be aware of the following:


The service is not for minors under the age of 18. If you are a minor, you need to ask your parents or other guardians to agree to your use of the service and relevant community rules, user agreement and this Privacy Terms. If you find or suspect that there is any data processing regarding your personal data without the consent of your guardian, or you would like to exercise one of your rights under applicable data protection and privacy laws, please let us know using the contact details set out below.

1. Collection and Processing

Data and purposes:

  • Account Login

When you log in to the Service with your iQOO account, we will process your account-related information (account ID, profile photo).

After you log in, we will display your community ID (User ID), profile photo, points, and your voluntarily provided community nickname, gender, birthday, and other information on your homepage. You can manage your profile on the homepage according to the community rules. When you modify the information on your homepage, data stored in the server will also change accordingly.

After you log in, you can earn points by completing community tasks and redeem your points for gifts. In order to provide you with points-related functions such as points querying, redeeming, and deducting, we will collect your account ID, nickname, profile photo, points details and order history. When you redeem your points for gifts, in order to verify your identity, we will collect your account ID, IP address, GUID, GAID, and basic device information (model, operating system version, Android version, browser information).

In order to provide you with the message reminder function, we will collect your account ID and message status to remind you that there are unread messages.

  • Content Posting

When you post, comment, and like in the Community, we will collect relevant information (including your edited text and uploaded pictures) and display it publicly. Meanwhile, we will use and display your community nickname, profile photo, and device model. When you try to @ someone, we will collect the nickname you entered to query the corresponding account ID and return the result to you.

Please kindly note that in order to meet legal requirements, we will review your content in accordance with the community rules. Posts or comments that violate relevant regulations will be not publicly displayed.

Because the content you post will be publicly displayed, if it contains personal data, it may bring you some risks. Therefore, we recommend that you disclose your personal data with caution.

  • Search

When you use the Search function, we will collect your search keywords to match with content or community nickname and return search results.

  • Event Participation

Our official team may post and hold some events in iQOO Community. If registration for such events requires the collection and processing of additional personal data about you, we will provide you with the appropriate privacy terms when you register for the event.

When you take part in a Voting, we will collect your account ID and the options you voted for to count the number and percentage of votes for each option and display the results publicly. However, we will not publicly display which option you voted for.

  • Feedback

When you provide feedback on the Support page, we will collect your device model, the frequency and type of problems, then display them publicly.

We process the data for the above purposes upon your consent to these Terms. However, other legal bases may be applicable on certain occasions as stated in Section 2 of our Privacy Policy.


We care about protecting your personal data. We have put in place appropriate security measures, including but not limited to encryption and anonymization techniques, which are designed to protect your personal data from unauthorized use, damage, or loss. We will do our best to protect your personal data. If you suspect any unauthorized use, damage, or loss of your personal data, please let us know immediately using the contact details set out below.

2. Storage


We will retain your personal data we collected for the period necessary for the above purposes of processing, or as required by you or applicable laws.

However, in accordance with applicable laws, for investigation purposes, information that is taken offline or contained in a cancelled iQOO account and associated records will be retained for at least 180 days or such longer period as may be required by the court or Government agencies who are lawfully authorised.

Once the retention period expires, we will delete or anonymise your personal data, unless otherwise required by applicable laws and regulations.


Your personal data will be stored on our servers located in India.

3. Sharing and Transfer

We will process your data ourselves or by use of our affiliated companies or service providers who act on our behalf.

In order to review your content in accordance with applicable laws, your community nickname, profile photo and the content you submit for posting (including your edited text, uploaded pictures and videos) will be encrypted and transferred to the following third-party service provider(s): SHUMEI TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. (located in Singapore). Please be aware that we have signed a data protection agreement with the service provider(s) and they will provide protection for your data at a standard that is no less than ours. Otherwise, we will only share your data when required in response to a legal process or request from a competent authority according to applicable laws.

Your personal data will be processed on the server where it is stored. Normally, we would not transmit your personal data to another country/region that may not maintain appropriate data protection standards. Otherwise, we will take all reasonable measures to ensure adequate data protection as stipulated within these Terms.

4. Your Rights

You have various rights with respect to the data which we hold about you.

Withdrawal of Consent:

You may at any time choose to withdraw your consent to the Terms by using the contact details set out below. If you withdraw your consent, you will be unable to use the Service and we will stop processing your data in the Service until you re-agree to these Terms. Nevertheless, we shall continue to retain your data for a necessary period in accordance with applicable laws as stated in Section 2.

Other Rights:

To exercise your other rights (such as rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, objection or data portability, depending on applicable data protection laws), please use the contact details set out below.


You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (depending on your country/region).

5. Contact

If you have any questions about these Terms or our processing of your personal data, if you need to report a problem or contact our Grievance Officer, or if you would like to exercise one of your rights under applicable data protection and privacy laws, please tap here. We will seek to deal with your request without undue delay, and in any event within any time limits provided for in applicable data protection laws.

These Terms may be updated from time to time. We will notify you via an appropriate method of any significant changes. All the practices mentioned in these Terms will be performed in accordance with our Privacy Policy , from which you may also find more details about our practices.